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My Firefox Add Ons

This is a list for myself as much as anything. So, Peter. The next time that your computer breaks and is wiped clean by IT – then these are the main things that you need.

Delicious Bookmarks – Access your bookmarks wherever you go and keep them organised

Firebug – Web development tool

Fire FTP – An FTP client for Firefox – and a pretty good one at that

Fireshot – For screenshots of entire screens which can be edited and saved as JPEG, GIF, PNG or BMP

Google Toolbar for Firefox – A bunch of Google Tools and the (in)famous green page rank bar

LinkDiagnosis – For examining link competition

NoDoFollow – Highlight links in a document and splits them between follow/do follow

SearchStatus – Displays the Google, Alexa, Compete and Linkscape rankings of a website

YSlow – measuring loading speeds – more important with the advent of Google Caffeine. It also contains – a good free tool from Yahoo for optimising web images

And a couple of software packages

Jing – for screenshots

Traffic Travis – for keyword reporting and backlinks

Image credit: Olaya B

One thought

  1. For screenshots, Gyazo is faster (, and also has a Firefox addon that allows for upload of screenshots for editing and annotation online. Jing’s OK – a cut-down version of Snagit, which is better for annotating and editing images afterwards.

    For restoring a PC after a wipe I’d start with Ninite ( every time, and use the Xmarks Firefox addon to avoid losing any bookmarks.

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