iPhone Photography: 360 panoramas and stereographing

A different perspective

I’ve used a few iPhone photo apps over the last year, but I have never seen 360 Panorama before. A web-developer friend of mine, Xavi Esteve, put together this post of a stereographic photograph that he had taken using the app – and I thought I’d have a go.

It’s not too easy to take the perfect panorama – but as most mobile photos feel more like a work in progress than a finished article, I don’t suppose that it matters too much. Mine is a 360 tour around a room at my family home in Staffordshire that is flattened down to make the image about – which is called a stereographic.

If you do manage an acceptable stereographic, then it can give a beautifully stilted snapshot of your surroundings. Xavi’s works nicely among the fish and chip huts and amusement stalls at Brighton but I imagine that it could work quite nicely in various other surroundings: in stadiums, at conferences or music festivals and so on.

Here’s a link to the complete photo on Flickr

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