How to create a strong password?

We all love using the INTERNET for various purposes – banking, shopping, checking emails, taking online courses, etc but we hate creating logins on various websites and even more challenging is to remember a number of passwords. So, most of the times, we end up using the same passwords on almost all websites making it easier for hackers to use the important information we save on the web. Some of these websites may contain sensitive information like details of our credit cards, etc.

How hackers use hacking techniques to break the password:

They usually have a software with a list of common words and phrases stored in it which can easily crack a password. The special characters we use in place of common characters can easily be cracked like $ for s, @ for a, etc

Below are the tips to create a strong password:

  • Use a minimum of 12 characters to create a password

The longer the password, the difficult to crack

  • Avoid using common words, personal information, phrases, combination of words

Hackers have these information ready in their softwares. So passwords like beautifulhome, thebigbl@cksheep, etc are easier to crack

  • Use a mix of capital letters, small letters, symbols and numbers

Almost every website recommends you to use this strategy

  • Change your passwords often

We all know this point but not many of us follow this instruction. We need to understand that this security tip is for our benefit only

  • Never use the same password across important websites

Goes without saying, if we use the same password everywhere, we increase the chances of exposing our digital identity everywhere on the internet if by any chance even a single account is hacked.

  • Add a recovery email and phone number to your accounts

Almost every website encourages us to make our account safe by adding a recovery email or phone number

  • Stay away from illegitimate websites

A lot many times, we see illegitimate ads on various websites or receive emails from unknown sources, it always a good idea not to open such doubtful websites. They may hack all our important information

  • Use common emoticons symbols cleverly to embed in your password

Supposedly, you are creating a password and you are reminded on some memory associated with a particular password, you could always use an associated emoticon symbol like 🙂

Creative tricks for creating memorable yet hard to crack passwords:

  • Create an affirmation for yourself

Affirmations are great way of reminding you on what you want to achieve in life. Creating an affirmation statement and converting it into abbreviation is a great way to serve dual purpose in life, first it creates a strong unique password and second  it keeps you motivated on reaching the goal you have set for yourself. Example: For a banking website, it could be “I save 10% of my salary in this account” and password could be “Is10%omsitA”

  • Things you are grateful for in life

Passwords like these will always keep you grounded and closer to universe. We often forget to thank the universe for its blessings on us because of our busy schedules. Password statements like these will help you reconnect with life.

  • Things you wish to accomplish in your life

May be you have set a personal or professional goal for your life. Password statements will keep you motivated to accomplish that goal

  • Make an excel sheet on your system

There may be websites that you do not use often and there is a probability of forgetting the passwords for so many websites, so it is a great idea to save your passwords in an excel sheet on your system

  •  Create a pattern chart

If you are very creative, you can create a “match the words” column games we used to play in school.  You can choose various words to create a never forgettable password. Trust me, this password generating game will be great fun and you would end up creating unique passwords for yourself. Show some kiddo side of yours!

  • Use your keyboard to create a systematic flow of keys

Last but not the least, use the keypad and be creative in creating password patterns/themes for various websites