Writing Great Blog Posts

If you are a blogger or a content publisher, you would agree with me on how difficult it becomes at times to think about a topic for writing. Though writing great posts is not a rocket science if you are already in this field and have great domain knowledge, passion, and writing skills. Writing for the internet is completely different from writing for a book, magazine, company profile or advertising. When you write for the internet, you also keep search engine crawlers in mind; what it means is that you should be aware of how people search your content on the internet.

Bloggers earn a great money through sponsorships, Adsense, and Ad exchanges if they know how can they increase traffic on their website.

Everything starts with clear goals in mind. Write down a few lines on why exactly you are writing a particular post and what do you want to achieve out of it. The goals could be conversion, newsletter sign up, lead generation, getting more visitors to your website, etc

Here a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose a topic which you are most familiar with or you are more passionate about
  2. Build your buyer’s persona
  3. Solve your buyer’s problem through your post
  4. Use attractive headlines which will attract your site visitors
  5. Use relevant keywords in your blog post
  6. Break the monotony of text by adding visuals in your post
  7. Write blog posts in your own style in a language understandable by your site visitors
  8. Add measurable value by delivering something interesting or new to your website visitors
  9. Read, re-read and re-read your blog post for any grammatical errors before you publish your post
  10. Use bullet points wherever possible and keep paragraphs short
  11. Do a competitive analysis of blog posts in your industry
  12. End your post with a strong call to action
  13. Read a lot
  14. Answer people’s questions on sites like quora, yahoo answers, etc and build a following
  15. Last but not the least, be consistent in writing


Happy writing!